In today’s digital landscape, driving social media engagement takes creativity. Simply posting branded content is no longer enough to capture the audience’s attention. To break through the noise, brands must get creative and actively ignite interest and conversation around their platforms.

This article will explore 10 ingenious tactics to ignite your social media engagement. Implementing even a few creative strategies can create meaningful interactions with your audience.

1. Interactive Content Captivates Audiences and Increases Social Media Engagement

Interactive content provides opportunities for audiences to engage rather than spectate. Users actively participating with polls, quizzes, AR effects, and more leave a more memorable and engaging experience.

Polls and Quizzes get Users to participate.

Pose intriguing polls and fun trivia quizzes to get followers weighing in. For example, Buzzfeed is the master of viral polls and quizzes that urge readers to vote and compare responses. Their most popular Facebook post of 2019 was a “Plan a Wedding, and We’ll Guess Your Age and Relationship Status” quiz that attracted 1.3 million engagements.

Contests and Giveaways Incentivize Engagement

Contests are massively popular on social media, as users love the chance to win exciting prizes. Creative contests that require participants to follow, share, comment, or create original content are a proven way to maximize visibility and participation.

For example, CLIF Bar’s recent Instagram contest asked rock climbers to post photos of their favorite places to climb to win a $500 gear gift card. By tying their contest to user-generated content, they activated their niche audience.

AR Effects Bring Posts to Life

Augmented reality effects on platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook allow users to interact with branded content in a new way. AR overlays like filters and lens placement allow audiences to engage with branded messaging through their real-life phone cameras actively.

For example, the makeup brand Charlotte Tilbury created a virtual try-on AR lens that lets users virtually test out lip shades. This immersive brand experience generated over 26 million impressions for the campaign.

2. Strategic Video Content Grabs Attention

Video reigns supreme in today’s social media landscape. However, brands must be deliberate in their video approach to capture the audience’s attention in a crowded landscape.

Short, Snackable Videos Work Best

With increasingly short attention spans, short videos under 60 seconds tend to best engage viewers on social media. Quick teasers, entertaining facts, concise tutorials, and other digestible video content effectively inform and amuse audiences.

For example, Google created “One Minute Lessons” on Instagram – quick 60-second explainer videos teaching tips and tricks for their products like Google Drive, Calendar, and Photos.

Live Video Enables Real-Time Connection

Live video has surged in popularity with the rise of platforms like Instagram Live, Facebook Live, and LinkedIn Live. The raw, unscripted nature makes audiences feel more personally connected and engaged. Brands should tap into live streams to give insider access to behind-the-scenes Q&As, events, launches, and more.

For example, Benefit Cosmetics hosts live tutorial sessions on Facebook where makeup artists teach viewers how to recreate featured looks in real-time. Followers can ask questions and interact, which builds rapport.

Match Platform and Content Strategy

It’s crucial to analyze the video content performing best on each platform and craft your approach accordingly. For example, quick meme-style videos thrive on TikTok, while beautiful visuals may suit Instagram better—study metrics and test content variations to determine optimal strategies per platform.

 3. Influencer Partnerships Expand Reach & Engagement

Collaborating with relevant social media influencers provides an impactful way to boost brand awareness and engagement. The right influencer partnerships allow brands to tap into their established, engaged networks and get creative content that showcases products authentically.

Ensure Brand Alignment

Carefully vet potential influencers to ensure their audience, content style, and brand values align with yours. Give them creative license to post about your brand in their unique voice and style.

Overly commercialized or forced content from influencers can fall flat. Allow influencers to promote you naturally by seamlessly weaving branded references into content that excites their followers.

Promote Their Content

Don’t stop efforts after securing a one-off influencer post. Share, retweet, repost, or repurpose content from your influencer partners across your owned channels. This helps maximize the visibility of their endorsement content and its impact.

Offer influencers discounts, free products, or other perks and highlight those collaborations on your channels to help incentivize ongoing partnerships.

Pro Tip: Always set clear expectations upfront about content specifics, usage rights, timelines, and requirements like hashtagging or tagging brands. Documenting these details in contracts protects both parties.

4. Messenger Marketing Facilitates Intimate Engagement

Messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat provide intimate, engaging customer experiences. Interacting one-on-one via chatbots or human representatives allows for personalized conversations.

Chatbots Deliver Instant, Automated Engagements

Chatbots enable brands to respond to routine customer queries instantly, resolving issues quickly and conveniently. Greet new subscribers, answer FAQs, provide support, and deliver information – chatbots make it easy to engage users at scale.

For example, Sephora’s Facebook chatbot helps shoppers get personalized beauty tips and recommendations based on their needs, ignoring needless back-and-forth.

Human Reps Build Deeper Connections

For more complex questions and needs, human representatives conversing via messaging build rapport through more meaningful interactions. Messaging enables brands to provide prompt, personalized support and service in a familiar channel.

Train knowledgeable staff to engage customers directly through messaging. Proactively follow up on conversations when appropriate to provide VIP-level service.

5. Hashtag Campaigns Drive Visibility & Participation

Strategic branded hashtag campaigns can catalyze viral engagement on social media. Memorable hashtags tied to specific initiatives inspire audiences to participate and spread the word.

Spark User-Generated Content

Hashtag prompts can inspire followers to create and share related user-generated photos, videos, or content. Audiences love getting creative and showing their affinity for brands through UGC campaigns.

For example, the ShareACoke campaign gave users a simple prompt to share photos popping open or enjoying a Coca-Cola beverage using the #ShareACoke hashtag. This drive led to over 250,000 UGC hashtag mentions in 125 countries.

Get Conversations Starting

Launch branded hashtags that spark conversational, interactive threads related to your brand or industry. Ask engaging questions, share opinions, or post relatable content to get followers chatting using your hashtag.

6. Personalized Content and Offers Resonate

Today’s consumers have come to expect highly personalized brand experiences. Leverage data and analytics to tailor content and offers based on individuals’ attributes and behaviors.

Remarket Site Visitors

Pixel your website to identify visitors and remarket to them across channels like Facebook and Instagram. Dynamically showcase products they browsed or offer exclusive discounts if they previously abandoned a cart to re-engage them.

Segment and Customize

Divide audiences into segments based on demographics, interests, purchasing history, geolocation, and more. Then, customize content and offers for each segment to boost engagement.

For example, send special perks only to loyalty members, share parenting tips with mom segments, or highlight relevant electronics to customers tagged as tech enthusiasts.

7. User-Generated Content Fosters Authenticity

User-generated content helps brands engage audiences with authenticity at scale. Invite happy customers to share photos, videos, testimonials, and reviews to be featured.

Crowdsource Content Directly

Launch UGC campaigns inviting users to share their unique brand experiences. For example, Dove’s Real Beauty campaign asked women to share photos and stories showcasing their inner beauty. This authentic approach helps craft narratives that resonate.

Repost Content from Customers

Reposting great UGC on your channels serves as free, authentic social proof. When followers see real customers happily engaging with your brand, it provides powerful validation.

Contests Drive UGC Submissions

Contests spur fun, active UGC contributions tied to hashtags. Photo contests, video challenges, and review giveaways incentivize customers to proactively share branded content in hopes of winning prizes or recognition.

8. Interactive Apps Blend Utility and Engagement

Interactive brand apps that blend utility, entertainment, and social engagement provide a powerful way to connect with audiences. App capabilities like AR, games, visualization tools, quizzes, and more immerse users while enabling seamless social sharing.

For example, the IKEA Place app lets users virtually design rooms with true-to-scale furniture. They can share room concepts, explore catalog items, and more. The functionality made it IKEA’s second most popular app ever, driving 1.5 million downloads in 6 months.

Enable frictionless social sharing and user-tagging within your apps. This turns each user into a brand ambassador spreading the word on your behalf.

9. Behind-the-Scenes Content Built Bonds

Give audiences insider access through behind-the-scenes photos, videos, and livestreams. Showing the people, culture, office spaces, and events behind your brand builds affinity.

Share Employee Content

Let followers get to know the faces behind your brand by sharing photos and videos of real employees at work, company parties, team-building activities, and more. Showcase employees’ unique personalities, skills, and passions.

Go Live

Broadcast live-stream conferences, speaking events, new product launches, office tours, Q&As, and more. The transparency builds trust and gives fans an insider’s view. Allow employees to take over your Instagram Story for a day, giving sneak peeks into their daily work life. This authentic angle resonates with audiences.

Blending entertainment trends, current events, and viral memes with your messaging helps grab eyeballs in creative ways.

Capitalize on Current Events

Connect your niche to relevant cultural moments. For example, nimbly draft posts linking trending news or events to your industry for timely, engaging conversations.

Add Clever Branded Twists to Memes

User-generated memes often go viral on Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter before spreading across the internet. Smart brands can ride these waves by adding clever branded twists to trending meme formats.

For example, Duolingo incorporated the meme of a woman yelling at a confused cat to remind people to practice their language lessons hilariously.

Key Takeaways on Social Media Engagement

  • Go beyond static posts – incorporate interactive elements to engage audiences actively.
  • Test and refine engaging video content tailored to key platforms.
  •  Authentically showcase your brand through strategic influencer and UGC partnerships.
  • Provide personalized, one-on-one messaging interactions.
  • Ignite participation with creative branded hashtags and contests.
  • Entertain and inform followers with a peek behind the scenes.
  • Stay nimble – capitalize on trending topics and pop culture moments.

The brands winning today creatively ignite social engagement through memorable, interactive content and experiences. Use these tactics to craft captivating stories and inspire audiences to become passionate brand advocates.

Ready to Ignite Your Social Media Engagement?

Driving real social media engagement requires constant creativity and testing new approaches. While creating compelling content is a start, you need to convert passive viewers into engaged brand evangelists actively.

The brands seeing real business impact have mastered the art of igniting social engagement. They tap into these creative tactics to spark meaningful interactions and build communities around their platforms.

So here is your chance to ignite your social media engagement. Start brainstorming how to incorporate interactive elements, strategic influencer partnerships, personalized messaging, and behind-the-scenes access.

Look for opportunities to capitalize on trends and pop culture moments your audience cares about. Test, refine, and double down on what performs.

Be relentlessly inventive. With these strategies, you have the tools to capture attention, connect authentically, and inspire your audience to engage at new levels.

Get started igniting social media engagement that converts and delights your community. Reach out to discuss how we can help take your social media strategy to the next level.


  1. What is Social Media Engagement?

Social media engagement refers to people’s actions when interacting with a brand’s social media content. It encompasses how audiences respond to and connect with brands on social platforms. Some examples of social media engagement include:

  • Likes, comments, and shares of a brand’s social media posts
  • Clicks on links or calls-to-action within posts
  • Participation in contests, quizzes, or other interactive content
  • Engagement with branded hashtags through contributing user-generated content
  • Mentions and tags of a brand’s social media handle
  • Direct messaging conversations between users and brands
  • Live video views and participation through comments or reactions
  • Downloading gated content like ebooks or whitepapers from social posts
  • SignUp ups for email lists, newsletters, or events through social channels
  • Overall time spent consuming, interacting with, and responding to a brand’s social content

The main goal of social media engagement is to build stronger relationships between brands and current or potential customers. By engaging audiences, brands can increase awareness, improve brand sentiment, drive conversions, and boost customer lifetime value.

2. How do we measure Social Media Engagement?

There are several key metrics brands can track to measure and optimize their social media engagement:

  1. Engagement rate – calculates the percentage of engagement a post receives (likes, comments, shares) divided by total reach or impressions. High engagement rates indicate content resonates.
  2. Impressions – measures how many times your content is displayed. Valuable for understanding total reach.
  3. Reach – calculates the total number of unique accounts that see your content. It helps gauge audience size.
  4. Mentions and tags – track how often users mention or tag your brand’s social handles unprompted. Signals brand awareness and sentiment.
  5. Conversation volume – measures the total number of social conversations mentioning your brand, key products, or campaigns. Tools like Social Mention or Hootsuite track this.
  6. Sentiment – analyze the tone (positive, negative, neutral) of brand mentions using social listening tools to identify areas for reputation management.
  7. Website clicks – tracks click-through rate from social posts to your website. It helps gauge content quality and interest.
  8. Sales attributed to social – measure traffic driven to the site from social and correlate with conversions to see social commerce impact.
  9. Chat response times – monitors response rate and speed when users message brand handles. Provides customer service insights.
  10. Loyalty metrics – follow the behaviors of repeat engagers over time as indicators of true brand loyalty from current advocates.

Analyzing this mix of engagement, brand health, traffic, conversions, and customer service metrics allows brands to quantify social media efforts and optimize their strategy.

3. How do brands authentically partner with influencers to ignite social media engagement?

Do due diligence to vet influencers whose audience, content style, and values closely align with your brand before partnering. Then, give influencers creative license to promote your brand in an organic, authentic way that engages their followers.

4. Why is messenger marketing effective for igniting social media engagement?

Messaging apps enable intimate conversations that ignite engagement at scale through chatbots offering instant responses or human representatives facilitating deeper connections. This one-on-one communication adds a personal touch.

5. What benefits of branded hashtag campaigns for igniting social media engagement?

Strategic hashtags unify branded conversations and ignite participation. Hashtag prompts can inspire user-generated content, while branded hashtag contests incentivize social sharing around campaigns.

6. How does personalized content help ignite social media engagement?

Tailored content and offers resonate more than one-size-fits-all messaging. Personalization based on interests, behaviors, and attributes makes followers feel seen, boosting engagement.

7. Why should brands incorporate user-generated content to ignite social media engagement?

User-generated social shares, reviews, and testimonials come across as authentic. Crowdsourcing UGC fosters a community feel and brand affinity. Highlighting UGC provides social proof that ignites further engagement.

8. How do interactive brand apps help ignite social media engagement?

Gamification, AR, 3D visualization, and social sharing capabilities immerse users in branded apps while enabling organic referrals as users share with friends. This deepens engagement.

9. Why is it effective to share behind-the-scenes brand content on social media?

Giving insider peeks at real employees, offices, and events builds bonds through transparency. This personality ignites engagement by showcasing the humans behind a brand.

10. How can pop culture and trending topics ignite social media engagement?

Capitalizing on entertainment trends, current events, and viral meme formats helps grab attention with timely, creative social content tailored to what audiences are already discussing.